Hello from Utah...via Fort Leonard Wood

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Hello from Utah...via Fort Leonard Wood

Post  Michelangelo on Thu Oct 15, 2009 1:49 am

I'm from the SLC, Utah area. Currently living and training in Fort Leonard, MO until I return home to Utah in January. I purchased my 2nd XR650R just before I left to come out here in late July and have been stock piling new parts for it back home. hehehe. So far my wife hasn't made a fuss.

I sold my first XRR about 2 years ago and regretted it. I knew I'd have another soon enough.

I bought this second bike from a guy all the way near Reno, NV. Yes I drove all the way out there to pick it up. Funny enough, my first bike I bought from a guy in Reno, NV also. They must grow em well out there.

I enjoy all types of outdoor adventure esp. off-road dirt riding and single track exploration. I also ride street with my adventure touring Transalp and Husky supermoto. Just sold my long love of a Triumph Daytona and can't wait to pick up a Buell sometime soon.

Here's my recent XRR pickup with Pro Circuit slipon and billet rack before all the many goodies I've got have been added.

Here a pic of my first XRR.

My Husky 610SM

My restored Transalp

My lightweight dirt machine, Husky TC300
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Re: Hello from Utah...via Fort Leonard Wood

Post  AURORA on Thu Oct 15, 2009 4:16 am

Nice bikes.

What, no Africa Twin?
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