Back in the saddle again

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Back in the saddle again

Post  fullchoke on Fri Aug 08, 2014 5:29 am

Hello from Oregon!! I've been away from dirt riding for the last 35 years or so except for riding with my sons while camping the last couple of summers. I used to ride a B-50mx and wanted the the strongest 4 stroke out there. I brought that bike home last night and now it's getting ready for the dirt. I'm going through the usual maintenance and I need to find out if the bike has been uncorked. The exhaust looks like it may have the honda competition insert as it has not been drilled out and there is no baffle in there. The air box is missing the plastic block, but the rubber boot is still there. I think I should remove the carb and check to see if it was done right. If the exhaust was unblocked and the manifold and jets were unchanged, how would it run? I'm going to make sure the bike is running like it should before we hit the trails.


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Re: Back in the saddle again

Post  Mauser on Fri Aug 08, 2014 9:12 am

Welcome the bike would probably run fine, bit like fitting an after amrket end can to a road bike, she will sound louder but that's probably about it....pop the carb off and check her out....this guide on our site might help things...

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Re: Back in the saddle again

Post  AURORA on Fri Aug 08, 2014 3:16 pm

Also check the valve clearance.

Get the suspension setup and springs for your weight.

Make sure the right foost peg bracket has been fixed.

Needle valve on carb float usually wears out.

The stock exhaust system is good for torque.
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Re: Back in the saddle again

Post  Mad Frosty on Fri Aug 08, 2014 8:57 pm

Welcome ,  nice 

One more tip always make sure that there is the right amount of oil in the beast  rider 
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Re: Back in the saddle again

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